VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset - Carbon Fiber

The VR KiX now has an exciting new color, Carbon Fiber.  The features you love haven't changed, but the outside is now coated in a new glossy, water transfer pattern.  And oh, by the way, it comes with a storage case. 

VRKIX Carbon Fiber Water Transfer Process

The VR KiX now has an exciting new color, Carbon Fiber.  The features you love haven't changed, but the outside is now coated in a new glossy pattern.  And oh, by the way, it comes with a storage case. 

The carbon fiber design is a water transfer.  You may see slight variations in the pattern, but this is only due to the process and the fact that the VR KiX has rounded edges.  It just means that your headset will be unique and there is no other exactly like it!

The VR KiX virtual reality headset has its very own app! We decided to create our own app to enhance the vr experience following feedback from our customers.

The VR KiX app is FREE and the content is updated daily.

We have provided a selection of different virtual reality experiences for you to try. Choose from vr content featuring 360 degree videos about space, our world, nature, thrilling rides or watch the latest movie trailers and more!  


Experience Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself into another dimension with this virtual reality headset with a split 3D view, augmented reality option and magnified screen


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Phone Sizing Guide

Will my smartphone fit into the VR KIX?


The VR KIX virtual reality headset's phone tray will expand to the maximum size of  170 mm X 80 mm.

The smartphone measurements in the guides below are just for the phones and not their protective cases. Many cases will fit into the expandable phone tray. However, if your phone is close to the maximum size or the case is thick, you may need to remove it from your smartphone before inserting it into the tray.

The red lines in this guide indicate the maximum capacity of the VR KIX tray. Both height and width are indicated.

Fully Adjustable Device Tray 

Adjustable smartphone tray securely holds phones up to 3" X 6" including iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 5. A removable front plate provides access to either rotation of your cell phone camera for those applications that use the camera feature to enhance the virtual reality experience.

Premium Lenses

Large, adjustable, optical resin lenses reduce deformity and remove glare, preventing eye fatigue. Lens depth and pupil distance are fully adjustable so you can view without wearing glasses.  Individual eye adjustments are possible by twisting the lenses individually. (When you receive your VR KiX, the lenses will have a protective film on them.  Please remove it before use.)



Expect Higher Quality Parts and Fabric from our headsets.

Soft, adjustable elastic head straps with "pillow back" support and the goggles lightweight construction reduce head and neck strain while wearing this virtual reality headset


And oh, by the way, it comes with a FREE storage case. 

About the Storage Case:

  • The VR KiX fits in the case with plenty of room to keep your lens wipes and a small controller.  
  • Makes it easy to store in your closet, take with you on a trip and hide from your kids.
  • It is a rigid, but not too stiff, molded case with a zipper closure.

Where to buy VR KIX

You are here at vrkix.com, so of course you can buy VR KiX here on our site, but did you know that they are available from several authorized resellers too?

You can find the VR KiX in stores and webstores across the US .

VR KIX Warranty Information

A defective product will be replaced, repaired or replacement parts will be provided, depending on the specific defect, length of time from purchase, and availability of replacement parts.

This limited warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, accidental dropping, exposure to extreme temperatures or damage caused by attempts to repair the product yourself.

Contact us with any questions.

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