VR KiX Canada

If you're shopping in Canada, click the link below and be transported to the VR KiX Canada Page.  You'll find the same great products but they are priced in Canadian Dollars and you can save yourself the international shipping costs.

VRKiX Canada is owned and operated by Amicus Portfolio Inc, a Canadian company based in Ontario. We are a value added solutions provider that focus on innovative global products.

What does that mean? Well, basically we do the “heavy lifting” and all the hard work to ensure you, the customer, get what you asked for. We look at lots of different brands and products to weed-out the good from bad and only sell the best for quality and value. We also offer back-up warranties and guarantees. Add that to our logistics and support and you get consistent customer satisfaction, GUARANTEED.

Our moto is if we wouldn't buy it for ourselves, we won't sell it its simple, that way as a company we can be confident in every parcel that leaves our warehouse.