Videos featuring VRKIX headsets 

Jon from Maine's WPOR 101.9 Morning Show goes for a swim with the sharks from Mythbusters.

Adam from Maine's WPOR 101.9 Morning Show tries out the VR KiX on air!

Eva from Maine's Coast 93.1 tries out the VR KiX on air and fights off the zombies in a dramatic style!

What are these little foam things? They allow you to customize the fit of your specific phone in the device tray. They help you from accidentally depressing buttons and keeping it level in the tray. Watch as Josh shows you what to do with them.

Replace your worn out face padding. It is simple. Buy a new face pad here and watch this video as Josh shows you how to change it.

The VR KiX virtual reality headset can accommodate large phones, including the iPhone 6+. In this video, we show you how to slide apart the tray and put the phone inside.

Why not try something new and fun for your VR KiX? Add a lenticular sticker to the faceplate and make your virtual reality headset unique! Watch this video, when you see the one you want, click here to buy it!

Transport yourself with the VR KiX!