Company Facts

VR KIX is a brand owned by Adaptive Designs, Inc. (ADI).  ADI has 10 employees.  All employees have been working to promote the VR KIX Brand.  ADI has been in business since 2008, launching VR KIX in 2015.  At the time, launching only with the virtual reality headset and adding accessories over time.  

The headset was successfully launched by The Grommet in November of 2015.  This success resulted in over 3,000 headsets being sold between November and December.  Total sales is over 5,000 unit as of the end of the first quarter 2016. 

The successful launch also led to the acquisition of 2 large distributors in the United States and Canada as well as 18 resellers (click here to see where) across both the US and Canada.

Design work for our headset is done through collaboration with our manufacturer.  The headsets are made in China, as well as many of the other accessories. 

Our Team

Joe E. is the owner and idea guy.  He works with our product design team and our manufacturer to bring his ideas to life.  He has developed a great relationship with our manufacturer, having worked directly with him for over 15 years in another line of business he owns.

Lisa E. is the general manager.  She works directly with our distributors to make sure they have everything they need and that we are getting the results we all are expecting. 

Kryston is the sales and marketing director.  She works with the sales team, Pam and Jessica and takes care of our marketing needs.

Troy  is the director of operations, making sure product is arriving on time and ensuring that the warehouse runs smoothly.  

Steve  and Josh are part of the product design team.  They work with Joe in developing new products and testing out new features. 

Dave  carefully packages and ships every order.

Where We Have Appeared


Lewiston Sun Journal, March 28, 2016  Read Article


WPOR 101.9 (Maine), April 5, 2016    See Article

WMGX 93.1 Maine's Coast, April 5, 2016


Posted by November 2016: "What Parents Should Know about the VR Gear Kids Want" VR KIX was mentioned in the best for Tweens section as having great features and pricing.

The Chive, Part of Shut Up and Take My Money, December 16, 2015 (picked up the Lewiston Sun Journal's article), March 28, 2016

Video Reviews

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