Get Social in VR with vTime

written by Jessica Lacombe,

Technology is changing, and with that, so will the ways that we connect with others. vTime has made social VR possible, allowing you to download their app and meet with your friends in VR!
So none of your friends are online? You are not limited to your own friends list! vTime allows you to join existing conversations, whether they be random chats or conversations created based on trending internet topics. 

vTime launched in November 2015 and is available for both android users and iPhone users! Their goal is to connect users across all sorts of platforms including laptops, smartphones, and consoles. 

In vTime, you customize your very own avatar, right down to the eye color, hair style and clothing. The developers opted not to include the ability to walk around or use the avatar's hands and arms, as they feel there are too many controllers and input devices to support them all. They plan to leave these features out until a more standard controller emerges. 

The app works in a way similar to the social media we are used to. You can add friends to a friends list and from there, start conversations with them. When you start a new conversation, you are the host, and your avatar will wear a crown on its head. You can choose from 12 different destinations as your meeting place, including a sandy beach, a private plane and a space station. Your friends' avatars will join you and you can talk in real time, share ideas, take avatar selfies, share your favorite videos and more.