How to Use Your VR KiX Headset


Using VR KIX with The Google Cardboard App.

  1. Visit Your App Store.
  2. Type “Google VR” in the search window.
  3. Click on “Google Cardboard”.
  4. Download the app to your mobile phone.
  5. Open the app, follow the prompts and scan the QR Code when required. (The QR Code is on this site under Optimize)
  6. Insert your phone into the device tray and close the door.
  7. Navigate the app with head movements or open VR KIX and tap the phone screen

 Note for Android users: Any apps with the Google Cardboard logo will be stored here creating one content folder. You can also use a wireless game controller to navigate the apps for Google Cardboard.


Using VR KIX with other Virtual Reality Apps

The functionality of the virtual reality apps varies by programmer and by the app itself.  Some features found in one app may not be available in another.  Remember, this technology is still new and developers are trying new things all the time to make the experience better for you.

Video Players

Many of the video player apps will allow you to watch 360 videos in virtual reality or just on your phone or computer.  Again, the navigation of viewing the videos varies by player.  For example, Littlstar allows viewers to swipe across the screen, as well as by moving your head, to find the action.  If the action you want is to your left, you can swipe across, centering the action and then continue watching.  Discovery VR requires you to move your head to view the action.  If the action is to your left, you must move your head to the left to see it.

One thing they all have in common is that you can watch videos on your VR KIX Virtual Reality Headset.  In order to see videos and other content on your headset, you must set it to the side by side (SBS) viewing mode.  This is so easy in many video players.  You simply click on the cardboard icon or "VR" wording. 

Side by side (SBS) viewing Mode

Side by side (SBS) viewing Mode