Download the VR KIX App from your favorite App Store


The VR KIX virtual reality headset has its very own app! We decided to create our own app to enhance the vr experience following feedback from our customers.

The VR KIX app is FREE and the content is updated daily.

We have provided a selection of different virtual reality experiences for you to try. Choose from vr content featuring 360 degree videos about space, our world, nature, thrilling rides or watch the latest movie trailers and more!  


Click on your App Store icon to get your VR KIX app now!

For Android phones (thats any phone other than iPhones or Blackberrys)


For iPhones use the Apple app store to get your apps. 


To use the VR KIX app just select what you want to watch from the menu and then it will ask you which option you want for viewing. Select VR for using with your VR KIX headset and Touch if you are not using your VR KIX headset.

The VR KIX app does not require a controller, all you need to do is look down and the control options appear. Just gaze at the option you want - menu, fast-forward, re-wind, etc and the app will do the rest.  If you are viewing the VR KIX app on your iPad, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and the touch controls will be there. 


A very special thanks to the amazing guys at Lunagames and Rabbit Mountain for working with us on the development of the VR KIX app! 



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