Get Started with your new VR KIX

Thank you for purchasing a VR KIX virtual reality headset and for scanning the QR Code included in the box!

Optimize your view

Why is this step so important? Our QR Code will optimize all VR Apps for use with the VR KIX virtual reality headset. Since VR KIX is registered as Google Cardboard Compatible,  follow these steps to get your viewer paired for the best possible experience. If you skip this set up step, you may be disappointed with your virtual reality experience.

Follow These four Steps:

1. Using your smartphone, download the Google Cardboard App.  Click on the icon of your app store below to launch and install the app.

2. Open our website,, on your computer, laptop, tablet or a second smartphone. You will need your phone's camera for the next step.

3. When prompted within the Google Cardboard app, scan one of the QR Codes shown below.

This code is included with VR KiX Headsets and is best for your eyes.

This is an example of how the apps look calibrated with this code:



Try this QR Code for a slightly different perspective.

This is an example of how the apps look calibrated with this code:

4. Start downloading and enjoying all the available apps in your app store. New virtual reality apps are arriving in the marketplace every day.  


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Check out what other apps are available to you by typing VR in the search window of your app store.

Custom Fit Your Phone to the Device Tray

VR KIX comes with a little bag of foam stickers. You are going to use these to make sure none of the buttons on the sides of your phone come into contact with the edge of the tray. Watch this YouTube video as Josh explains how to use them to customize your fit.