Q: How does VR KIX work? 

A:  The VR KIX works with your smartphone to create an immersive virtual reality experience.  You use your phone to download VR apps from your app store.  These apps will appear in side by side (SBS) orientation.  Your smartphone is placed inside the headset and the lenses within the headset will focus on the phone's screen immersing you into the experience.  Read more about setting up the headset.

Q:  Will this work with my phone?

A:  The VR KIX are designed to work with phones with screen sizes from 3" to 6".  They will work with all iPhones (even the iPhone 6 plus).  We have tested it with Samsung phones as large as the Note 4, and they all work.  For larger phones, you may have to remove your case. Click here to watch us put an iPhone 6+ into the tray: Take me to the video!  You can also check out our phone sizing guide.  I want to check out the guide!



Q:  What size are the lenses?

A:  The lenses are 33mm.


Q:  What is the focal length?

A:  The focal length of the lens is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus.  The focal length of the VR KiX is 60mm.


Q:  What is the Field of View?

A:  The field of view (also field of vision, abbreviated FOV) is the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment.  The FOV of the VR KIX is 95 degrees.


Q:  Is the adjustment different for each eye?

A:  No, the focal adjustment will adjust both eyes at the same time.


Q:  Is there a calibration QR Code?

A:  Yes!   



Q:  Does it have a hole for a smartphone camera?

A:  Yes. The front faceplate is removable and exposes the phones camera.


Q:  Can these be worn with glasses?

A:  VR KIX can be used with eyeglasses. The fit will vary depending on factors such as the size of your glasses.  If you normally need to wear glasses, you may find that you do not need them to view the screen comfortably. All of the glasses wearers here at VR KIX found that it wasn't necessary to wear them with the dual focal adjustments. 

If you do need to wear them, these are the measurements to help you figure out if your glasses will fit.


Q:  Can the pupil and focal length be adjusted?

A:  Yes. The lens depth and pupil distance are both fully adjustable.



Q:  Does this have a control using NFC or magnet?

A:  No, the VR KIX does not utilize magnets or NFC tags.


Q:  Do these work with Cardboard?

A:  Yes, the VR KIX will work with Cardboard apps. Our headset does not have magnets, so you may have to remove your phone and/or headset to click within the app. An alternative to that would be to connect a bluetooth controller. (We have controllers available here: Get a controller, they work great with Android, but iOS has limited features)


You can get MFi controllers to use with your VR KiX.  We recommend you check out Afterpad.  We have tried 3 controllers listed and they work great with our iOS devices.  Check out the SteelSeries Stratus, the SteelSeries Stratus XL and the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i.


Q:  Is there an earphone socket?

A:  The vents on the side allow for earphones to be plugged in.




Q:  Does this come with a carrying case?

A:  The VR KIX comes with a lightweight but durable bag with a drawstring closure. It can accommodate the VR KiX and several other accessories.


Q:  What is the myopia rating?

A:  These are suitable for under 600 degrees (6 diopters) of myopia. (FYI - Myopia is nearsightedness. Vision is blurry in the distance but clear when looking up close. Myopia over 6 diopters is considered high, over 8 is severe and over 12 is extreme. Most people with myopia are below 6 diopters.)


Q: Are the VR KIX safe for children?

A:  They are safe for most children.  The VR KiX have an interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment.  Children's IPD ranges from 40 - 55mm.  The VR KiX adjusts from 45 to 66mm, making them comfortable for most children.  If their headset is adjusted to match their IPD, they will not experience eye-strain or headaches like they might if their IPD is not matched to their headset.  We recommend supervised usage with your child until you know how they react to their experience.


Q: What is the warranty on VR KIX?

A: We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty.  Click here to read more.

  VR KIX User Guide