Want your VR KIX Virtual Reality Headset to stand out from the crowd?  

Here are some personalization ideas to get you started!  

If you have purchased the VR Builder, you can use any of these methods. The starred items must be done while the vr headset is disassembled.

If you have purchased the VR KIX Headset, do not attempt to submerge your headset in water.  You may be able to paint it, but take care to protect the lenses and face padding.  (These items can be removed before painting.)  Getting paint on the gears and internal mechanisms may cause them to malfunction.


You can stick off the shelf stickers to your headset.  Choose Batman, Superman, or floral designs.  It is only limited to your imagination.

Buy a faceplate sticker. These stickers change as you move.  Get creepy eyes, or steampunk goggles.  There are several to choose from! Click here to check them out.


Buy a reusable drawing sticker (whiteboard) that you can erase and draw again and again! Trim it to fit the faceplate and stick it on! Write funny messages for your friends and family to read white you are immersed in 360 virtual reality content. Decorated tapes can be used around the edges of the whiteboard sticker.

Skin It

Personalize your VR KIX headset with things you can find at your favorite craft store. Make your own skin using this pattern.  You can use vinyl sticker sheets, Contact brand paper or even Duct Tape brand sheets. Stick your homemade skin to the vr headset and you are all set.  Use the right sticker material and you can make tons of these. Change stickers as the season or your interestes change.



Paint It *

Use any color spray paint to change the color of the headset.  Maybe only paint a section of the headset.  Get more creative and add more elements. The sample below was done by masking sections with tape, painting, then moving the tape sections to another area and painting again. Try several colors of spray paint to create the custom look you want.


 Add more paint.  Add stickers. Use a stencil to create patterns.


Water Transfer *


We have 2 different methods.  We tried the kit that comes with activators and "paper" that turns into the ink design.   Follow the instructions included in the kit to personalize and achieve great results. Type "water transfer kit" into any search engine to find a design you like.


Secondly, we dripped nail polish into a pan of  water, created a swirl design and then dipped the headset into the water. 


To create this look, choose your favorite colors of nail polish.  Fill a tub with water - make sure it is large enough to cover your VR KIX sections. Also, make sure you are ok if the nail polish stains the tub.  Drip some colors on top of the water.  


Gently dip your headset parts into the water and pull it out.

Place it on a paper towel to dry, being sure to avoid placing your painted side on the paper towel.


Once the nail polish is dry, use a clear spray paint to seal it.  The headset on the left has a clear spray with glitter.  The headset on the right used plain clear spray.