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We are looking for distributors and re-sellers to place VR KIX in retail and online stores in North America.  Join the Virtual Reality Revolution and immerse yourself into the fastest growing segment of the VR industry, mobile VR.

Because VR KIX works with BOTH iPhones AND Android powered smartphones, they have the potential for a larger market segment than Samsung Gear VR, or Google Daydream.  VR KIX is not only the best mobile VR headset because of it's features and customer support but because it works with the wide range of smartphones that your customers already have in their pockets. 

VR KIX comes with a free, downloadable app from both Apple 's App Store and the Google Play Store, ensuring your customers have access to great content to enhance the quality of their virtual reality experience.

Join our growing Virtual Reality Family. Visit our Reseller's sites and see what other cool things you can find.

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