Pokemon Go and Flintstones in VR? It's my childhood all over again!

Issue 20 - July 13, 2016 


Issue 20 - July 13, 2016

In this issue of The VR KiX Weekly Newsletter:

Pokemon GO!

written by Jessica Lacombe, VRKiX.com

How does one report the news without mentioning Pokemon Go!?

By now you've likely at least heard of the game that is taking by the world by storm. In the event you haven't already downloaded the app, Android users can get started here, iOS users here

Pokemon Go is a mobile app/game that appeals to much more than just the 90s kids that started playing the well known video and card games. Each player creates an account and then customizes and names their own avatar. As players walk around with their phone in the real world, their avatar also moves along the game map with them.


The in-game map displays Pokemon that are nearby, and approximately how far away they are. When you are close enough to a Pokemon, you click the creature and he will appear in front of you using augmented reality technology! Have you seen friends post screenshots of a Pokemon in their room or at the bus stop? This is what they were doing!


With a simple swipe of your finger, you throw a Pokeball at the creature to catch them. Each Pokemon caught will also give you stardust and candy which act like a form of currency to level up and purchase new items for your collection.

Also on the map, you will find Pokegyms and Pokestops. Both are typically located in well known, frequently visited areas like parks and museums. Users can visit Pokegyms to battle their Pokemon against friends and enemies alike. At Pokestops, users will find useful item drops like more Pokeballs to keep catching Pokemon, medicine and snacks!

Although the game is only a few days old, it has surpassed Twitter's daily users and has more user engagement than Facebook. Users have complied lists of cheatshacks and Pokemon locations. Nintendo will also be releasing a Bluetooth device called Pokemon Go Plus. The wearable device is shaped like a Pokeball and allows users to play the game without having to look at their phone. A small light blinks blue when a Pokemon is nearby and with a push of a button, the Pokemon is yours!

What does the future hold for Pokemon Go? I would love to see a way to battle my Pokemon in virtual reality while wearing my VR KiX! If you haven't started playing yet, now is a great time to start. Gotta catch 'em all! 

VRLA Summer Expo

written by Jessica Lacombe, VRKiX.com

Virtual Reality Los Angeles, or VRLA, is the largest VR expo in the world. The expo brings together VR professionals and consumers and has a reputation of being independent and welcoming for all in the VR community, whether you are a newcomer or a company looking to exhibit products. This summer's expo will take place on August 5 and 6 at the LA Convention Center, their biggest venue yet! They will need the space, as their last expo featured just 33 sponsors. This summer will feature 111!

If you're in the LA area on August 5 and 6, stop by and say hi! Joe (right) and Troy (left) will be exhibiting our VR KiX headsets at the event. Look for our booth featuring our redesigned logo!


If you've been wanting to try mobile VR, now is your chance. Come see what sets us apart from the rest, whether it be our easily cleanable face padding to keep other expo visitors germs off your face, our secure, spring loaded phone tray or our "pillow back" head straps. 

We can't wait to see you!

Ads in VR? Yabba Dabba Do!

written by Jessica Lacombe, VRKiX.com

Virtual reality - the Flintstones were on to it before we were! 

VirtualSKY created a platform that allows companies to advertise and target their products and services while a potential customer is viewing VR content in a headset. The ads themselves are 360 degrees and immersive, allowing advertisers to transport viewers into their brand's world. Their ads tracks where a user is looking for the duration of the ad and feeds back to the advertiser. By knowing where users eyes are drawn, advertisers can measure effectiveness of their campaign.

Feedback from users has been positive, as they are taking great care to make sure that ads will only be placed in natural breaking points of games and videos, rather than allowing them to play at any time.

Can you remember back to 1996? Post Cereal released an ad for Fruity Pebbles featuring Barney and Fred from the Flintstones. In the ad, Barney brings a VR machine to Fred and Fred finds himself in a Fruity Pebbles wonderland, only to return to reality and find that Barney has eaten his bowl of cereal while he was away!


Post teamed up with VirtualSKY to create their first VR ad - Yabba Dabba Do. The ad is a 30 second campaign that is running on all major VR platforms including Google Cardboard. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to run into the Fruitasaurus like Fred, but being showered in Fruity Pebbles was nearly as good. 


Check it out for yourself! Are you ready to start seeing ads in VR?