Have you heard the news? WebVR is now available in Chrome for Android!

In this issue: WebVR and CBBhacks 2017

Issue 33  February 22, 2016

by Jessica Lacomb

Have you heard the news? WebVR is now available in Chrome for Android! WebVR takes data from your phone, like phone position, orientation and input device feedback and communicates it to your mobile browser.

But what does that mean for you? 

This will allow you, as a VR user, to access VR content directly through your Chrome mobile browser rather than having you download or install any other programs. This could eventually do away with the need to have several VR video apps installed directly on your phone.

Any user can access VR content now using Chrome on their mobile phone or desktop without a headset. Google Daydream owners are the first to be able to experience in-browser VR content with a VR headset. Google does have plans to expand WebVR support to it's Cardboard platform which will allow iPhone users and all other mobile users to experience in-browser VR in a VR KiX headset!

Do you have a Daydream headset? Give WebVR and Chrome a try! Sketchfab, a 3D/VR content sharing company, recently added Daydream support. Now viewing your favorite Sketchfab video is as easy updating your Chrome mobile browser to the latest version, opening the video and popping the phone into your headset. WebVR takes over from there and allows you to access all of Sketchfab VR without downloading anything!

Other VR ready sites include MatterportBear 71Within, and WebVR Lab. Happy browsing! 

Source: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/vr/

CBBhacks 2017

Joe from our parent company, Adaptive Designs Inc, is headed out to CBBhacks 2017 from February 24-26. This will mark the third annual CBBHacks event hosted at Bowdoin College. He will be there with virtual reality headsets (including VR KiX of course!) for participants to play around with and to witness innovation at work.

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event in which teams are given a certain amount of time (in this case, 36 hours) to create something. Final products are then typically presented to a panel of judges and awards are given in various categories.

Create “something”? That sounds vague.
It is, and for good reason! The organizers of CBBhacks have stressed that there is no experience necessary and welcome first time learners. They have given awards in the past to hardware hacks, mobile apps, even great business plans! Your job is to come ready to meet, learn, create and see where it takes you. 

Great, sign me up!
Unfortunately registration for this year’s CBBhacks has closed. To find another upcoming hackathon near you, check out Major League Hacking, the official student hackathon league. They put on over 200 weekend long hackathons each year that you can participate in!

Stay tuned for the first week of March when we can hear more from Joe on what he saw!