VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset - Carbon Fiber

The VR KiX now has an exciting new color, Carbon Fiber.  The features you love haven't changed, but the outside is now coated in a new glossy pattern.  And oh, by the way, it comes with a storage case. 

The carbon fiber design is a water transfer.  You may see slight variations in the pattern, but this is only due to the process and the fact that the VR KiX has rounded edges.  It just means that your headset will be unique and there is no other exactly like it!

VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset - Charcoal

Designed for Comfort

Thanks to a ultra-soft face cushion, you can play games and watch videos with zero discomfort! Dual lens adjustment allows you to optimize the viewing experience while the elastic straps keep our premium virtual glasses firmly in place.

Premium Quality

Large adjustable optical resin lenses reduce deformity and remove glare, preventing eye fatigue. Lens depth and pupil distance are fully adjustable so you can view without wearing glasses.  Individual eye adjustments are possible by twisting the lenses individually. (When you receive your VR KiX, the lenses will have a protective film on them.  Please remove it before use.)


VRBuilder Virtual Reality DIY Headset Kit

Open the box and let the building begin. Create a one-of-a-kind VR headset! Customize the body pieces with spray paint or other decoration techniques before assembly to personalize your VR KIX. The pieces in this DIY kit will build the original VR KiX headset.  It is the exact same parts, so you know it is high quality.

There are so many options for making this headset.  You can customize it before you even get started! 

Introducing the VRShine2.0 Virtual Reality Headset

Comfortable fit, air vents and fully adjustable extra large lenses make this a great VR Viewer at a very low price!